Mineral Management for Generations

Trull Service Company offers a broad range of services for managing Minerals and Royalties. Minerals are split as ownership evolves into a multi-generational dynamic, resulting in Mineral Agreements that are becoming more and more complex. The sheer number of mineral owners required to execute an agreement often creates a significant burden and time delay if there is not a management system already in place. 

These contract delays place a big burden on oil & gas companies and can certainly delay, and in some cases, prevent development. This issue only grows as more owners are added.  

We offer a management system that will minimize the administration of complex agreements for multi-owner mineral interests.  The system provides a single point of contact for easy access by the oil & gas companies to negotiate oil & gas agreements and develop mineral interest.  The mineral owners  benefit from this structure as one voice can effectively represent all of the mineral interests. 

The mineral owners remain in control of final approval and execution of the agreement based on the negotiated terms proposed by Trull Service Company.


How many generations will your royalties benefit?

How many Mineral Owners must be contacted to legally begin development?

Is there a system in place to coordinate timely development agreements to maximize profits?

Mineral Management Services

Utilizing Trull Service Company can include all or part of the Minerals Management Services:

Oil & Gas Lease Negotiations - We specialize in the negotiation of the commercial terms to maximize income. Negotiations include royalty rates, depth, unit size, and release language.

Standardized agreements - We utilize standard agreements that have been refined over many years to minimize the amount of outside legal cost to finalize an agreement.  Our billing rates are normally much less than outside attorney billing rates. 

Market Knowledge - We understand the market rates in our area, including lease bonus rates, and seismic fees.  We have many contacts in the business to help ensure we are negotiating attractive terms for the mineral owner.  There are many key provisions to ensure your interest are developed or released in a timely manner and that you are able to attain the most beneficial unit designations.

Surface Agreement Negotiations - We have experience in the development of well site agreements, pipeline easement agreements, and utility easement agreements. On all agreements our approach is to minimize the surface foot print as much as possible; therefore, we work closely with the oil & gas or utility company to choose the locations and paths that have minimal impact on the property value.  This includes proper road location and preparation, proper drainage and coverage of damages for land settling, leveling and loss of yield damage on crops and pasture.  We especially work to preserve valuable trees, water frontage, and improvements.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Services - We offer accounting and bookkeeping services to support the mineral activities.  Depending on the legal structure, we can deposit mineral and royalty income into a central account and redistribute to each member based on their beneficial interest.

Management Reporting & Flexibility - Depending on the desires of the landowners and mineral owners, we provide reporting on various activities and/or host annual meetings to review all activities.  We can provide a menu of service offerings so that the land/mineral owner has flexibility when selecting our services.

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