Agriculture & Land Management

 The Trull family has been managing agriculture activities for over 100  years.  Today we manage multiple farms and tracts of land covering  thousands of acres on the Texas Gulf Coast.  Our services range from  full management programs to isolated services on a call-out basis.  We  have in-house capabilities as well as a network of proven contractors to  ensure we provide the highest quality service.  

Ag & Land Management Services

Farm Leases  – We offer both cash leases and flex leases depending on the  situation.  We work closely with area agriculture experts to understand  the market and current operating environments. We strive for a fair  return for the landowner and a fair agreement for the farmer.  We also  strive to add farmers who have proven to be capable over a long period  of time.  Our first objective is to find good stewards of your land.  If  they are not the best they do not last.  Good stewardship generally  makes good farmers, and good farmers offer the best relationships.  We  have farmers and farm families who have been tenants in excess of 50  years covering 2nd and 3rd generations.

Flex Farm Leases  – We see the flex lease as an option to improve rents over time.  When  times are good we ask the farmer to pay higher rents; when yields and or  prices drop we flex down the rates. 

Pasture Leases  – We manage several thousands of acres of grazing pastures.  We again  look for good stewards of the land and build on long term relationships.

Recreational Leases and Permits  - We manage several hunting leases from large hunting clubs to  individuals.  We have extensive experience with Ducks Unlimited and NRCS  hunting projects.

Specialized Management Services:

  • Hunting Leases 
  • Irrigation
  • Drainage Control
  • Field Leveling
  • Road Improvement Projects
  • Fencing Projects
  • Irrigation Well Service
  • Brush Control